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Nelson Dellis.

A great mind teaching the world to think alike.

Nelson Dellis is a
hard man to forget.

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Nelson is 5-time USA memory champion. Who can:

  • Memorize a full shuffled deck of cards in 60 seconds.
  • Learn more than 300 random numbers in five minutes.
  • Read a book in a day.
  • And solve a Rubik's Cube with his eyes closed.

Taking feats of memory to
new heights - and depths.

Nelson is always looking to take his mental gymnastics into new territory - tackling the peaks of Mount Everest 4 times in the last decade.

And now he is preparing to take his skills under water.

Because this November he will attempt a memory Guinness World Record...

Memorizing two randomly shuffled decks of playing cards. While holding his breath - fully submerged under water.

Nelson Dellis on a mountain

Inside the mind of Nelson.

Hear more from the man himself. And discover the secrets of his success...

National Alzheimer's
Awareness Month.


Nelson will be looking to surpass the current record (of 67) at the University of Miami Pool, where he is the computer science professor.

November was chosen as it is Alzheimer's Awareness month. Nelson's grandmother suffered from the disease and witnessing her fight inspired Nelson's journey to become a memory champion and the world's leading memory influencer.

Partnering with Mind Lab Pro®
for a world record attempt.

As part of his preparation for this remarkable feat, Nelson has partnered with the world's No.1 nootropic supplement.

Mind Lab Pro® is the first nootropic formula scientifically proven to work. Following independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials carried out at the University of Leeds (in the UK).

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"This is a universal nootropic that helps me stay sharp. I need to be on top of my game so this stuff has really been helpful to keep my memory, my sharpness, my acuity on point. Mind Lab Pro® is awesome. I love it."

Nelson Dellis

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